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"A healthy body is a guest-chamber for the soul; a sick body is a prison."


       For over 10 years, Basanti Durga Nursing Home has provided compassionate support and medical care to people seeking health care. The  Basanti Durga Nursing Home specializes in caring of pregnancy related issues . We understand that this issue is critical and needs to take proper precaution on time ,Otherwise it can push us to a very big problem.  So we are here to support you. Our licensed medical professionals and trained patient advocates will treat you with respect and answer your questions without judging your choices. Our services are offered at low or no cost to our patients. A focus on capacity building and operational excellence are central to the ideology and vision of the organization. This is not only reflected in our direct patient care and educational projects but, perhaps, even more importantly, in the development of a web-based platform of medical resources and tools, meant to be shared with other volunteer healthcare and humanitarian organizations providing aid around the globe. It is our belief that the development and standardization of best practices that focus on the highest quality of care, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and optimal delivery will drive better outcomes and expand care to far more individuals in need around the world. There are numerous international humanitarian organizations that work in unique and often challenging, but not surprisingly very similar settings. Increased cohesion among this historically very large but very disparate group will result in economies of scale and the sharing of information and processes that will accrue enormous benefits not only for the organizations themselves but also for those they are dedicated to serving.



Our doctors provide 24 X 7 services to support you. Its our passion to provide better service every time you visit us. Our staffs are humble and dedicated.

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